Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear Sir ,

Greetings from India ;

From the humble beginning in 2008 with a member of 3 team, Dhanraj Enterprise has grown multifold in business volume and market reach.

As a growing company connecting link between overseas buyers and supply sources from India. We have well trained staff and efficient knowledge of International business. We have successfully built up strong and reliable brokerages in the key commodities handled by us. Our key products are Sesame Seeds, Peanuts and Spices and pulses and Dry nuts.

We have very successful in building its glossary of products (selected from various countries) and an impressive client portfolio that includes clients from Europe, USA, Gulf and Far East. Our system offers the customers a safe, secure, credible and convenient way to purchase / sales products.

We are dealing in following products:

 1) Oil Seeds:
-          Sesame Seeds [Natural and Hulled] [India/Africa Origin]
-          Peanuts [In Shell/Bold/Java/Blanched]

2) Spices:
-          Red Chili [Whole/Powder- With and Without Stem]
-          Turmeric [Whole/Powder]
-          Coriander Seeds [Whole/Split]
-          Mustard Seeds [Black/Yellow]
-          Fenugreek Seeds
-          Fennel Seeds
-          Dill Seeds
-          Ajawain Seeds
-          Cumin Seeds
-          Black Pepper [India/Vietnam Origin]
-          Nutmeg/Mace [With Shell & Without Shell]
-          Desiccated Coconut [High Fat/Low Fat] [Malaysia/Indonesia/Vietnam Origin]

3) Grains:
-          Rice [India/Vietnam/Thailand Origin]
-          Sorghum [White/Creamy]
-          Green Millet

4) Pulses:
-          Chick Peas
-          Lentils [Turkey Origin]

5) Animal Feed:
-          Yellow Maize
-          Rape Seed Meal
-          Soya Bean Meal
-          Rice Bran

6) Dry Fruits:
-          Cashew Nuts [India/Vietnam]
-          Raisins

We can provide you best prices on CNF/CIF basis. Kindly advice your current requirement for above products.

We pose as a reliable medium between the buyer and seller in international commodity trading. We are specialized in developing profitable business platforms for agro food industry customers. We have a vast knowledge of agricultural market and have built a wide spread network.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times and look forward to your favorable response.

Warm Regards,
Munir Ahemad

Main Office:
Dhanraj Enterprise
422 Star Plaza, Phulchab Chowk
Rajkot, Gujarat 360 001 India
Tel: +91.281.3045727;Fax:+91.281.3045727

Cell:+91 99252 37863